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Suma Capital’s Energy Efficiency Fund makes its fourth investment, for Group Serhs


Suma Capital, the independent Spanish Private Equity Asset Manager, has invested in assets of Group Serhs, Catalonia’s leading integrated Hotels & Services Group. This latest investment was achieved via the SC Energy Efficiency Fund and allows for the outsourcing of Group Serhs’ energy management in its rural hotels: “Vilars Rurals”.
Group Soler is acting as the Technical Partner: it designs, executes and will operate the project.

The investment will finance several energy efficiency schemes in the three establishments of “Vilars Rurals” in Catalonia: on the one hand, biomass-fuelled heating systems that generate heat and hot water; on the other hand, lighting improvements and the introduction of energy monitoring systems. Altogether, this generates a 40% energy saving, equivalent to 6,776 metric tons of CO2 emissions, compared to prior consumption. The project has received the prize for best sustainable refurbishment project from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

With this recent investment, Suma Capital confirms its firm commitment to providing the Hotels sector with financing for advanced energy solutions.  This is a source of improved competitiveness and sustainability. Serhs, thanks to this ground breaking initiative, has pioneered the concept of energy management outsourcing for its Spanish hotels.

The investment in Group Serhs is the fourth investment achieved by Suma Capital through its Energy Efficiency Fund. Prior investments had also been made as majority shareholder: in Gesenergía (urban heating system powered by biomass), in BR Servicios Energéticos (urban lighting) and in Finesse (buildings retrofits to improve technology and reduce cost in heating and water supply).

Thanks to such investments, the purpose of the Energy Efficiency fund is to ultimately reduce the energy consumption in buildings and industrial facilities, while offering attractive financial returns to investors. The cash distributions are being made on a quarterly basis to Limited Partners.  Beyond these economic returns, the fund also complies with its ESG  undertakings.

Group Soler is a family business head-quartered near Barcelona since its creation in 1953.  It counts with offices across Spain and Latin America. The Group is active in the following sectors: installations, infrastructures, maintenance and energy services, with clients from the private and public sectors. In 2014, Group Soler’s revenues reached 47 M€, with more than 300 employees and a Brand that is becoming the reference in Spain for the energy efficiency sector.
Group Serhs is a leading Conglomerate particularly active in the Hotels and Leisure sector, with total revenues of 473M€ in 2014.  It is present in: (i) the distribution sector, addressing the hotels and restaurants client base; (ii) turism, via its hotels network; (iii) food. The Group’s hotels chain, SERHS Hotels, manages 14 establishments in Spain (12) and Brazil (2).