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The Catalan company CTC buys Barsa

A new milestone in the growth strategy through acquisitions of the Catalan outsourcing company, CTC. The firm, one of the largest in industrial outsourcing in Spain, has completed the purchase of Barsa, a company in Murcia specialising in outsourcing services …

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The ACG international club arrives in Spain

“The average size of a Spanish company is a third the size of a German one”. This is one of the arguments used by Josep Maria Romances, a partner at Closa M&A mergers and acquisitions consulting firm, to defend these operations as a way for companies to gain ground …

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La Vanguardia interview with Enrique Tombas

What can you tell us about the origin of SUMA CAPITAL and its business structure? Suma Capital is a Private Equity Firm from Barcelona owned by Privat Bank, a leading private banking entity for substantial portfolios belonging to Banque Degroof, and to its management team …

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Suma Capital buys GEC together with Caixa Penedès

Suma Capital, along with the subsidiary Caixa Penedès (Vector Capital) and a group of executives, has bought the online training consultant GEC. The company was founded in 1996 and has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris and London …

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Mabyc-Ibersegur buys a British company

Mabyc-Ibersegur Group, a leader in Spain in the manufacture, distribution and maintenance of equipment and systems for the control of car parks in open spaces (parking meters) and parking, has acquired the British firm Alfia, which belonged to the American group Stanley Works …

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Suma Capital encourages growth for Mabyc and Ibersegur

Buy to make the company grow. That is the goal of the MCH Private Equity and Suma Capital venture capital firms, which through the funds they manage, will formalise the buying of Mabyc and Ibersegur next week, companies that make up the leading group in the design and manufacturing of car …

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