SC Growth

We help business owners to bring their growth plans to fruition by taking up minority shareholdings in their companies.

SC Growth Fund offers continuity to SC Equity Fund, as investment vehicle dedicated to companies with revenues of between 10 and 100 million euros.

We participate in strategic decisions made by the Board, although we do not participate in the day-to-day running of the business.

We believe in people and in their companies. Companies that seek to lead their sector. Companies that want to cross borders.

Development More information

Commercial developments in current markets, new products, new channels, R&D programs, increasing capacity, etc.

Consolidation More information

Growth through takeovers of companies from the same domestic sector, be they competitors, distributors or suppliers.

Internationalisation More information

Direct introduction of the company into new markets, through takeovers or Joint Venture agreements with local partners.

Our Projects


Sector: Retail Bakeries - 2017

Case study

Turris is a chain of bakeries, leader in development of artisan premium bread, which employs 120 employees. The brand currently has more than a dozen establishments, all of its own. In the last two years, the company has grown at a rate of 22% per year, 8% in like-for-like. Each bakery has its own workroom and offers its customers a wide variety of freshly baked breads.

Suma Capital aims to support the current team in carrying out an expansion plan, which aims to duplicate the network of own stores over the next four years.


Sector: Manufacturing of bottles and monobloc aluminium aerosol - 2016

Case study

Alucan, one of the leading European independent firms in manufacturing of bottles and Monobloc Aluminium aerosol for food and beverage industries, as well as pharma and cosmetics.

With this investment, the company will finance a new productive centre with more than 10,000 square meters in Llinars del Vallés in order to double its product capacity, without loosing its strength of being independent and flexible.


Sector: Online retailer of sports equipment - 2015

Case study

Tradeinn is the first online retail platform specialized in selling sports material in Spain, the second largest in Europe and it is present in more tan 180 countries around the world. The company counts with 13 different product lines, sells in nearly 20 different languages and manages more than 500.000 sports references.

Tradeinn has developed an ambitious development plan, which will allow the Company to achieve more than 100 million euros of revenues within three years. This development will be predicated upon the launch of new online stores, as well as on the internationalization of the existing store

Party Fiesta

Sector: Retail distribution of party items and costumes - 2014

Case study

Party Fiesta is the leading chain of stores in Europe in the specialised distribution of party items and costumes, with an extensive range of more than 10,000 items related to the holding of events. The company has over one hundred stores and subsidiaries operating in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

Party Fiesta’s shareholding family is convinced that there is a clear opportunity to deploy its successful business model in Central Europe and has recruited Suma Capital to accelerate its growth rate. Its main objectives include doubling the brand’s current size in four years and promoting the online store and the organisation of events for companies.


Sector: Outsourcing of industrial processes - 2010

Case study

CTC Externalización is the leading group in Spain for the outsourcing of industrial services for major food, pharmaceutical, transport, automotive and cosmetics clients, as well as other areas.

Thanks to Suma Capital’s investment, the company bolstered its balance sheet to address an ambitious growth project in Spain by means of three takeovers that led it to double its size and increase the group’s presence in the iron and steel, chemical and petrochemical sectors.

In 2013, Suma Capital exited CTC’s capital after integrating it into the Stock Uno Grupo de Servicios group, generating the first national services outsourcing group that is totally integrated in the supply chain.


Sector: Car park systems and equipment - 2007

Case study

Parkare is the leading national company in control systems for public parking (parking meters) and private parking (car parks) facilities with a share of almost 40% of the Spanish market.

Suma Capital spearheaded the creation of the group through the merger of two companies from the same sector, Mabyc and Ibersegur. An international growth plan was subsequently implemented and subsidiaries were set up in England, France, Italy, Mexico and Chile by combining internal developments with takeovers.

Suma Capital sold its shareholding in 2014 and Parkare became part of Came, the worldwide leader in access control systems in the residential sphere.