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Suma Capital receives ACG Award for the sale of its investee Turris


Suma Capital, a leading multi-asset firm in sustainability funds, has been honored at the ACG Awards 2022 in the Mid-Market category for the sale of the majority stake in Turris to Realza Capital.  

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Successful closing of the Suma Capital and ENION fund, reaching 31 million euros of capital


Suma Capital and ENION Venture Partners have successfully concluded fundraising for their first joint vehicle, the ENION I Energy Fund, raising €31 million in capital.

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Berria Bikes welcomes investment from Suma Capital to boost international expansion


Berria Bikes, a Spanish company specialized in high-performance bicycles, reaffirmed its ambitious international expansion plan with the entry of Suma Capital as a shareholder.

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Suma Capital and Enion seal an Alliance to boost investment in startups to advance decarbonisation


Suma Capital and Enion team up to strengthen the ENION I Energy Fund by integrating ESG and impact investment best practices and to provide it with a larger volume of assets under management, bringing its final close to €40M.

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Suma Capital enters GO Talents with 40% stake


Suma Capital enters the capital of GO Talents with a 40% stake in order to promote its ambitious business plan that seeks to consolidate the company as a leader in the sector, as well as to prepare the organisation for future growth and the integration of ESG policies in the business.

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Suma Capital participates in the Pro Bono Private Equity programme to promote social impact projects.


Suma Capital participates as a strategic partner in the innovative and pioneering Pro-Bono Private Equity programme, promoted by the AYO Foundation and Attalea Partners, which aims to connect companies with high social impact with relevant players in the Private Equity market.

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Suma Capital takes a 40% stake in Gunni & Trentino


Suma Capital has become a shareholder of Gunni & Trentino, a leading company in the interior design and decoration of luxury homes, with the aim of boosting its expansion plan.

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Suma Capital sells share in Implika to KKR


In November 2019, Suma Capital acquired a 55% stake in the Implika Group, a Spanish leader in blended job training with over 10,000 registered students the previous year.

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Suma Capital sells its stake in Turris but its successor fund takes a minority stake to support its domestic expansion


SC Growth Fund II enters Turris‘ shareholding alongside Realza Capital, which takes a majority stake through which it exits Suma Capital‘s predecessor fund, SC Growth Fund I, which entered as a shareholder in November 2017 alongside its co-investor Enerhold F.O.

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Suma Capital joins Mengual to boost expansion in Spain


Mengual, a distributor of hardware goods for industry professionals, has allowed Suma Capital to join its shareholders in order to boost its ambitious expansion plan in Spain. CEO Carlos Mengual will maintain his majority stake in the company and lead the business’s growth from its headquarters in Granollers, Barcelona.

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Suma Capital invests in Atrapamuebles to support its expansion plan


The e-commerce company Atrapamuebles has welcomed Suma Capital as a minority shareholder with a 40% stake to support its growth.

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Barcelona Activa presents the first year results from the Barcelona Accelera programme


Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, presented the Barcelona Accelera municipal venture capital programme’s results at the 4YFN show.

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Ziacom Medical welcomes Suma Capital as a shareholder to boost growth


The industrial company Ziacom Medical, founded in 2004, has given Suma Capital a 40% stake in its shareholding, with the aim of supporting an ambitious expansion plan.

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Suma Capital joins the celebration of 250 years of Foment del Treball at the MWC


As part of the celebrations for its 250th anniversary and its partnership with the Mobile World Capital Foundation, the Catalan employers’ association Foment del Treball Nacional held the “Innovation and Scalability for the New Generations” meeting on a stand at the Mobile World Congress (MWC)

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A Contracorriente Films gains strength with the entry of Suma Capital in order to invest in content


Suma Capital has acquired 40% of the shareholding of A Contracorriente Films to boost its growth and place the company among the leading independent audiovisual content distribution companies in Europe.

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The SC Growth Fund II fund surpasses its target size by 30% reaching 160 million


The SC Growth Fund II, the fourth investment vehicle that we have promoted at Suma Capital after SC Growth Fund I and the funds SC Climate Fund I and II aimed at fighting climate change, has reached its final closure with 160 million euros, about 30% above the target size

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Caher Group boosts its present and future growth


Caher Group, leader agency in the integral management of the point of sale in the consumer goods, pharmaceutical, hotel and catering, technology, toys, and textile sectors, continues to grow despite the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Suma Capital, among the selected funds for ‘Barcelona Accelera’ programme


Suma Capital has been chosen as one of the six venture capital funds to receive part of the €10 million earmarked for the ‘Barcelona Accelera’ programme to dynamise the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and promote post Covid-19 recovery.

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