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SC Sustainability

The climate change and the necessity in a more sustainable use of our resources generate new investment requirements. Suma Capital was one of the pioneer in the creation of impact Fund to support the Energetic Transition and Circular Economy. We finance infrastructures/assets that get use or generate more efficient energy or waste management. We look for a double return in our investments: financially, socially and environmentally, which we quantify and report to our investors. We think that a more sustainable world can offer more long-lasting returns.

Energy Transition

Projects that optimize the more efficient use of the energy via: (i) improving the energy efficiency in factories, buildings, public sector or mobility; or (ii) generating renewable and self-supply energy.

Waste Management

Projects than increase the reutilization, recycle and recuperation of waste generating resources or energy.

Environmental and Social Impact

Encouraging the Energy Transition and Circular Economy we improve the key indicators for our society.

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Our Projects

Energy Transition

Circular Economy