SC Sustainability

Climate Change and high dependece on limited resources lead to a need for sustainable investments.

SC Energy & Environment Funds are themed funds dedicated to Energy Efficiency and Circular Economy.

We focus asset financing that optimize resources through savings or recycling of disposals.

We quantify the social and environmental impact of our investments.

We believe a more sustainable world delivers high and long lasting performance.

Investment criteria:

Savings Achivement More information

Projects that reduce the energy consumption of facilities, buildings or industries, generating economic savings from day one (14% energy efficiency performance on average).

Resources Optimization More information

Activities that increase reuse, recycle and recover of disposals.

Environmental Impact More information

By promoting Energy Efficiecny and Circular Economy we foster a more rational use of resources and a reduction of greenhouse gases emission into the atmosphere (more than 44,000 tons CO2/year).

Our Projects

Energy Efficiency


Andaz Liverpool

UK - Sector: Tertiary - 2016

Case study

We have contributed, along with our technological partner Quimera Energy, to finance an energy services contract with the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel in London. With more than 250 rooms and 5 restaurants, the Andaz is part of the Hyatt hotel chain and is considered to be one of its flagship hotels in London.

The contract is based on sharing energy savings (no savings, no fee). We have introduced monitoring systems and also made relevant improvements on illumination and air conditioning, which lead to significant savings for the client.

Arcangel Shopping Centre

Spain - Sector: Tertiary - 2016

Case study

We have contributed, along with our portfolio company Cactus, to optimize the energy consumption of Arcángel shopping center, the biggest shopping, services, restoration and leisure destination in Córdoba (more than 30,000 square meters of commercial area).

This investment has helped to replace the current air conditioning and lighting systems and also to install a remote management system. These improvements have been done through a services contract that guarantees minimum savings for the client and shares the additional ones.

Vilars Rurals SERHS

Spain - Sector: Tertiary - 2015

Case study

We have contributed, through our investee company Ecobuildings, together with Grup Soler, to outsourcing the energy management of the “Vilars Rurals” rural hotels of the SERHS tourism Group.

The investment will help to replace their thermal energy generation systems and to incorporate biomass from forestry cleaning as a main source of fuel. We have also introduced monitoring and control systems and other elements to improve facilities and lighting. The investment involves a reduction of more than 7000 tonnes in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere throughout the term of the agreement.

Relais Termal Spas

Spain - Sector: Tertiary - 2013

Case study

Through our Gesenergía investee company, we have invested in replacing the heating and hot water boilers of the Termas Pallarés spa in the town of Alhama de Aragón.

This technology saves the client more than 20% in the consumption of energy required to heat the spa’s water. The new system uses biomass as fuel.


Housing in Andalucia

España - Sector: Residencial - 2015

Case study

Along with our partner Cactus, we are implementing energy services improvements for several Owners Associations in Andalusia.

The services consist of renewing and improving the energy efficiency of: thermal production systems (heating, air conditioning, domestic hot water, solar thermal energy, etc.); lighting systems for common areas (replacement of the lighting system for LED technology) and the correction of penalisation due to reactive energy (capacitor bank). Some projects may also include the optimisation of the energy supply contracts.

Housing in Castilla y León

Spain - Sector: Residential - 2014

Case study

In conjunction with our investee company Finesse and ESSE, we are currently replacing obsolete and inefficient diesel boilers in apartment blocks with high efficiency natural gas-fired boilers.

This change will cut residents’ energy bills by more than 30% with no need for any outlay in new equipment.


Municipalities in Andalucia

Spain - Sector: Lighting - 2015

Case study

We have pursued, together with our portfolio company Cactus, the substitution of the lighting system in 8 towns in Sevilla, Cadiz and Huelva. The main improvements are based on renewing and improving the lighting system and introducing new control and monitoring systems.

This technology helps our clients to achieve considerable energy savings and also provides them with a better quality lighting system, achieving a greater well-being for their population. The investment leads to the reduction of more than 1,800 CO2 tonnes per year.

Municipality of Graus

Spain - Sector: Lighting - 2013

Case study

Together with our investee company BlueRiver, and in conjunction with Ríos Renovables, we replaced and improved the lighting system of the town of Graus in Huesca. The intervention is based on the replacement and improvement of light fixtures and the introduction of new control systems.

This intervention reduced the town’s energy consumption by 50% and improved lighting quality, thus improving citizens’ welfare. 1,200 light fixtures were replaced in 21 subsectors.


Fenice Assets

Spain - Sector: Industry - 2016

Case study

Suma, jointly with Fenice, subsidiary of the French company EDF, has created Fenice Assets Ibérica as an instrument to develop an ambitious energy efficiency project for Icecream Factory Comaker S.A. (formerly Avidesa), a leading spanish icecream producer from Alzira (Valencia). The project consists of investing in all the facilities used to supply energy to the manufacturing plant in multiple formats (industrial cooling, compressed air, etc.) and its exploitation through a long-term contract linked to the energy savings.

With this system, the company is expected to obtain savings of over 15% in comparison to its current energy consumption. Furthermore, it will get adapted to the latest and highest standards on efficiency and sustainability.

Circular Economy

Waste to Energy

Soria District Heating

Spain - Sector: Residential - 2016

Case study

Through the majority stake in Red de Calor de Soria S.L., Suma Capital has invested, jointly with REBI, in the leading Spanish district heating fuelled with Biomass, whose first phase is fully operational.

Nowadays, the plant has 18MW power output and is supplying energy to more than 2.500 homes and 15 public buildings. The network is expected to supply energy to one out of four Soria neighbours in the upcoming three years.

This investment is a commitment for efficient power generation through the use of renewable energies, with a positive impact on the environment and the local employment level.

The actual phase of the investment implies the avoidance of more than 15,000 CO2 tones per year, and is expected to exceed 30,000 CO2 tones per year once the project is completed.


Spain - Sector: Residential - 2015

Case study

Through our investment in the company MDH from Madrid, in partnership with VEOLIA, we are developing the main renewable district heating network of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. It will power heating and supply hot water to more than 6500 families in the town of Móstoles through an underground network.

This technology constitutes an efficient and safe way of transporting energy in the city, yielding energy savings of 20% for clients and reducing CO2 emissions by 9,000 Tn/year.