SC Venture

the present

We promote promising technologies for a
more efficient and decarbonised world.

We foster technology-driven and emissions-neutral businesses.

We act as a catalyst by providing capital, strategic and operational support, ESG and impact best practices and unique access to our network of contacts.


of global emitters have committed to Net Zero target

3.5 trillion

of dolars per year in investments to achieve this by 2050


of emissions will come from technologies that are currently in the non-commercial phase

What are we looking for?

We seek to partner with promising entrepreneurs and companies to scale up technologies and solutions that decarbonise the economy and enhance its circularity. We invest in scale-up to bring these technologies to industrial scale to address perhaps the greatest challenge we face as humanity.

Our global focus is primarily on Europe, with the US and Israel and other regions of interest. We are strongly committed to sustainability through thematic impact funds focused on combating climate change and promoting the circular economy.

How do we do it?

We work through our dedicated Net Zero Ventures team to identify and support companies and entrepreneurs developing technologies and solutions for decarbonisation and the circular economy.

We provide capital, strategic and operational support, as well as access to our network of contacts to help companies reach their full potential in tackling climate change and promoting sustainability.

Our areas of interest

We are interested in four key trends to achieve a transition to a sustainable energy future: advanced mobility, decarbonisation of industry, renewable energy and enabling digital technologies.

Advanced mobility

Advanced mobility faces challenges such as the lack of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, but can be addressed with disruptive solutions. Energy storage and the use of synthetic fuels and hydrogen technologies are also key to decarbonisation and the adoption of sustainable transport solutions.

Decarbonisation of industry

Several technological solutions are available to decarbonise industry, such as carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS), renewable hydrogen production, industrial heat recovery and waste recovery. These sustainable options are key to reducing industry’s emissions and achieving a low-carbon economy.

Digital enabling technologies

Digital energy solutions such as AI, VR/AR, quantum computing, Industry X, Blockchain, robotisation and process automation are key to achieving a transition to a sustainable energy future and improving energy efficiency and resource management.

Renewable Energies

Technology solutions such as energy management systems, virtual power plants, SaaS platforms, storage and distributed energy are key to the transition to a sustainable energy future. These solutions can improve energy efficiency, optimise resource management and increase the use of renewable energy.

Our Strategies

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