About us

An investment manager with purpose

Leading responsible investment manager

We are an independent manager in responsible investment, a leader in sustainability committed to environmental impact. We draw on almost two decades of experience and deploy the best sustainability practices to work with three investment schemes: Growth, Infra and Venture.

We were founded in Barcelona and we now also have a presence in Madrid and Paris.

Our aim is to drive economic growth and generate a long-term positive impact on society and the environment.

We have a highly qualified team and flexible capital to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals and help create a more sustainable and responsible world. We work in tandem with society, companies and investors to create possible projects generating shared value for businesses, people and the community.

We focus on generating sustainable value with professionalism, rigour and credibility in all the projects which we manage.

We believe that together we can overcome even the greatest challenges and, for this reason, we join forces with responsible entrepreneurs, generating lasting links for the achievement of their objectives.

We have a strong commitment to creating a sustainable and inclusive future that enables the development of social and environmental issues. We are committed to building the future we believe in and invite you to be part of.

Know our purpose

Driving a sustainable future through strong values

We have a clear, responsible and forward-looking purpose.

We strive to be an active part of change and help companies drive their development plans to build a better tomorrow. We are committed to the success of our investees, employees and investors, as well as all the communities in which we operate, to generate prosperous, sustainable businesses with a positive impact.

Our purpose is built on three strong values:
People, Commitment and Responsibility.

These values guide both our long-term strategy and our day-to-day behaviour:


We believe that the combined experience, passion and collaboration of our teams are the three pillars that enable us to build strong and productive relationships with our investees, employees and investors.


We pursue excellence with perseverance and in maximum alignment with the interests of our investors, partners and community.


We strive to generate value for our investors, prioritising both sustainability and ethics in everything we do. As trust managers, we have a responsibility to society and the environment.


Our Team: Experience, Talent and Commitment

At Suma Capital, we are a team that works passionately to deliver the best results for our investees, our investors, and society. We strive to grow successful initiatives while meeting our primary commitment to generate a positive environmental and social impact.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the private equity sector enable us to identify investment opportunities and effectively join up with teams to grow their successful businesses, always applying the current best sustainability practices.

We have a diverse, talented and committed team. We work in an inclusive and equitable environment, where we share knowledge and experience, and we continue to grow every day, with the aim of continuing to deliver positive value to our stakeholders.


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