Building the future in which we believe

We are committed to driving positive change and contributing to a better future through sustainable and impact investment.

We are committed to promoting positive change and helping to build a better future for all.

To achieve this future, we focus on the development and implementation of best ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices, and on impact investment in the private equity ecosystem.

To this end, we promote the continuous improvement of the performance of our investees, help them to maximise their positive impact through excellent environmental management and the reduction of CO2 emissions, contributing to the creation of high-quality jobs and promoting best practices in equality, innovation, digitalisation and the creation of social value.

Green Plan 2025

Our commitment to sustainable management, environmental protection and climate change mitigation also extends to our activities as an organisation. We therefore approved the Green Plan 2020-2025 to make progress in reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

Our goal is to reduce our operational CO2 emissions by 30% within 5 years, reaching carbon neutrality by 2025, a real and effective contribution to the mitigation targets of the Paris Agreement. To this end, we are implementing various improvements in our facilities, our procurement and our corporate travel policy, as well as through the annual registration of our footprint with the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

Level 20

Diversity in private equity

At Suma Capital, we are committed to promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the private equity sector.

We work closely with the non-profit association Level 20 to improve the sector’s gender diversity and to achieve the future goal of 20% of women in senior positions in the private equity ecosystem.

Our collaboration is articulated through training industry professionals, encouraging the recruitment of new female talent, and helping firms to take practical steps to accelerate change.

We believe that together we can drive the transformation to a more inclusive, diverse and talented sector, to the benefit of all.

Suma Net Zero Index

We know that combating climate change requires not only technological solutions and public policies, but also the active participation of citizens. For this reason, Suma Capital, in collaboration with the strategic consultancy Salvetti & Llombart and the carbon footprint experts at GreeMko, have carried out the first Sociological Analysis on the Demand for Decarbonisation. This pioneering report explores citizens’ attitudes and behaviours towards sustainability.

In addition, we have created the Suma Net Zero Index (SNZI), an innovative index to measure the effectiveness of decarbonisation actions at the individual and collective level. This tool identifies key areas where policies and initiatives can be most effective, driving a faster transition to Net Zero decarbonisation.

These findings will help design more effective strategies at societal, business and governmental levels, accelerating the transition to a sustainable future.



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