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To be or not to be a responsible investor


We believe ESG policies to be a means for generating positive economic, environmental and social value for the companies we invest in, the investors and the society.

Today, we face an important challenge as a society to guarantee the sustainability not only of the environment, but also of the production system and the economy as a whole. In order to tackle this challenge, it is essential to be aligned with promoting companies and projects committed to values that go beyond just financial return on investment.

At Suma, we are signatories of the Principles of Responsible Investment of the United Nations (PRI) since 2013 and we work with external advisors in the design and continual improvement of our ESG policies.

Aware of our responsibility to transform society and build a better world together, as an investment management firm, we operate in accordance with a clear set of principles regarding the environment, social issues and good governance (ESG). We have laid down this commitment in our Responsible Investment Policy.

Green Plan 2020-2025

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of Suma Capital’s good governance, which is why we have drafted a Green Plan 2020-2025 in order to reduce our carbon footprint and help work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on the 2030 Agenda.

Lower emissions

Our goal is to cut our CO2 emissions 30% over 5 years, making us carbon neutral by 2025.

In terms of the residual emissions we can’t avoid, we’ve decided to offset them through Climate Neutral Now, an initiative launched by UN Climate Change in 2015.

We’ve received certification of the offset emissions with Certified Emission Reductions (CER) and have registered the same amount of CERs with the National Registry for Greenhouse Gas Emission Allowances, as per the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol.

More sustainability

By purchasing certified emission reductions, we help foster sustainable projects in developing countries, working towards the SDGs.

SDG 1 No poverty

By generating jobs and improving regional economies.

SDG 3 Good health and wellbeing

Improving people’s quality of life and social conditions.

SDG 7 Affordable and clean energy

Increasing the use of renewable energy and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

SDG 13 Climate action

Reducing our impact on the environment and contributing to sustainable projects.