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Anese y Suma Capital sign an agreement to provide financial support to their members

ANESE, the Spanish National Association of ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) that regroups the main companies of this sector, and Suma Capital, manager of the first Spanish fund specialized in investing in companies dedicated to energy efficiency, have partnered to provide financial support to ANESE’s members.

The purpose of this partnership is that the companies belonging to ANESE have access to new financing means in the market. That will, in turn, contribute to their projects’ development and to the growth of their business. Suma Capital, as far as it is concerned, will be in a position – following the signature of this partnership – to invest in energy efficiency projects that are promoted by qualified companies, with proven technical and business capabilities, that guarantee satisfactory results for clients, the success of the project and ultimately of the investment.

In this respect, Suma Capital will work with all the companies members of ANESE that are interested in the analysis of financial solutions for their projects. These analyses will contemplate the use of capital, debt or other alternatives. ANESE will contribute to the success of this collaboration via its new and pioneering classification system for ESCOs.

Thanks to this partnership, ANESE will put at its members’ disposal several ways of financing themselves, increasing opportunities to identify the most adequate financial structure.

With this agreement, Suma Capital will also become a Bronze Member of the association, and will collaborate actively to the team working on financing themes and workshops. A valuable addition for ANESE, since this team meets with assiduity to debate and to look for solutions to the financial questions that are of concern to its partners, and undoubtedly, Suma Capital will contribute their wide experience on these matters and its own vision as an investor.

ANESE (“Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Servicios Energéticos”) was born in 2009 as a managerial non-for-profit organization. At present, almost 100 partners are members. This is a testimony to its relevance within the energy management sector.

Its diverse members base reflects the variety of players in this field, with ESCOs offering a wide range of services, such as: consultancy, maintenance, manufacturing, implementation, engineering, audit, financing, insurance, among others.

The purpose behind the creation of ANESE was to structure the energy services market in Spain and its main objectives are to develop and sustain this market.

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