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Biomethane Initiatives begins construction of Montes de Toledo biomethane plant

The Biomethane Initiatives joint venture, formed in 2022 by Suma Capital and Sitra, a leader in water cycle treatment and waste management, has begun construction of the Montes de Toledo biomethane biogas plant. This project, located in the municipality of Noez (Toledo), will produce biomethane and compost, and is expected to be operational in 2024.

The investment for the construction of this plant is 15 million euros and it will have the capacity to treat a wide variety of organic waste, generating 40 GWh of biomethane and 30,000 tons of solid fertilizers per year. It should be noted that the biomethane generated will be equivalent to the consumption of 6,500 homes/year, and the tons of solid fertilizers generated will avoid the emission of 7,280 tons of CO2.

The initiative will become the main source of biomethane and fertilizer production in the region, thus furthering the vision of promoting sustainability, the development of renewable energies and the generation of local employment.

The operation is articulated through the sustainable infrastructure fund SCCIF III (SC Climate Impact Fund III), which was launched in 2022 with the aim of fighting climate change through its specialization in energy efficiency and environmental projects.

In this context, Biomethane Initiatives also has a portfolio of 5 additional projects in Spain, which together reach a production capacity of 250 GWh per year, and an investment of more than 50 million euros is planned for these projects. Two of them will also be located in Toledo, in the towns of Polán and Consuegra, and are expected to be built by the end of 2023.

Sergio Fernández, Partner at Suma Capital, comments that “With Biomethane Initiatives we continue to advance in our purpose of joining forces with companies like Sitra that share our vision, laying the foundations for a more circular and sustainable economy through new infrastructures. We believe that this platform is a leader and unique in biomethane production assets”.

For his part, Ricardo Sáez, Sitra’s CEO, emphasized that “this project once again highlights the company’s commitment to the development of renewable energies, which play a fundamental role in the decarbonization process and in the drive towards a circular economy”.

The project will be launched in 2024 and its objective is to promote the transition to a circular and sustainable economy in Castilla-La Mancha.

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