#SC Growth

Suma Capital acquires 25% stake in Nice People at Work

Despite the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, at Suma Capital we are still working to promote investment through our SC Growth Fund II, and our target remains €125 million.

The latest one has been to acquire a 25% stake in Nice People at Work (NPAW), a company founded in 2008 that specialises in online video-analysis software and a global leader in this segment, with nearly one hundred employees of roughly twenty nationalities.

Founders Ferran Gutiérrez and Sergi Vergés will remain in control of the company, with German businessman Otto Wüst as their third main partner. At Suma, we intend to continue helping Npaw in this next stage of growth, with two seats on the board of directors alongside the three partners, and are open to considering additional capital increases.

Npaw’s business model, based on software as a service (SaaS) and its technology using big data and business intelligence, allows users to monitor various indicators of consumption habits and service quality for on-demand audiovisual content, in real time.

The company’s growth rate is over 50%, fuelled by the online video boom, a phenomenon that is in turn spurred on by the shift to digital television, new providers of audiovisual content, the expansion of social media and video capabilities on all sorts of mobile devices.

Npaw expects to see €18 million in sales this year, 95% from international activity. Current clients include companies in Europe, America and Asia with online video businesses, including Rakuten, Hulu and Pluto; media outlets, like Fox, Bein and TF1; and telecommunications operators such as Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone.

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