Suma Capital moves towards emission neutrality with carbon footprint offsetting at the V Sustainable Summit

Suma Capital, in line with its commitment to environmental sustainability, has offset the carbon emissions produced during the V Suma Sustainable Summit.

By supporting the project Galicia Rexenera: Fonte do Ouro, the management company has implemented its carbon offsetting strategy in the Monte Vecinal de Ribadetea, a project designed to absorb 13,727 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over the next 30 years.

Promoted by the Galician Forestry Association (AFG), the project not only focuses on reforestation, but also promotes the reduction of soil erosion and the conservation of native biodiversity, all through sustainable forest management certified by FSC and PEFC standards. It also promotes the creation of local employment and the sustainable development of the community.

Another of the positive points of the Galicia Rexenera project is that it contributes to the achievement of SDGs 8, 13, 15 and 17 of Agenda 20, thus contributing to the purpose of sustainable development that Suma Capital is committed to.

Suma Capital is proud to offset the carbon emissions derived from its annual sustainability project through a project that meets the highest quality standards and provides social and economic benefits for the surrounding communities, in addition to the SDGs.

The firm has carried out the compensation through its support of a significant initiative.

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