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Suma Capital and Cactus Soluciones Energéticas join forces in Spain and Portugal

Suma Capital, via its SC Energy Efficiency Fund, has made a significant investment in Cactus Soluciones Energéticas. This sixth commitment by the Fund will finance energy efficiency schemes and allow the Company to undertake larger projects in this field.

The Company, based in Seville, has operated as an Energy Service Company – or ESCO – for 6 years and has been an important market participant, playing an active role in the significant development of the Spanish energy efficiency industry. Likewise, Suma Capital has helped bring much-needed financing to the sector, with its pioneer “impact” fund. Its SC Energy Efficiency Fund has now completed six investments in the Iberian Peninsula. Both Suma Capital and the Company see tremendous potential in the continued growth of their market.

They are now bringing together their technical expertise and financial strength to materialize the attractive investment opportunities to which they have access. Signifant capital has been earmarked for 20 potential investments, already identified. The investment by the SC Energy Efficiency Fund will provide recurring and “intelligent” capital to Cactus Soluciones Energéticas and allow the company to capitalize significant projects across Spain and Portugal, thereby also expanding geographically.

Clients from the following sectors of interest for Cactus, such as tertiary (hotels, hospitals and shopping centres), residential and public lighting, will keep on receiving Suma Capital and the Company’s support. This will ensure a well-balanced mix between private initiatives and the public sector.

Ultimately, as demonstrated by Suma Capital and by the Company in the past, such investments yield multiple benefits: they reduce the energy consumption and hence the cost to end-clients; they cut on CO2 emissions and on environmental contamination generally; they foster employment via the implementation of new projects that generate professional occupation; they offer attractive and predictable financial returns to investors; and finally they comply with the ESG undertakings of all stakeholders.

Since its inception, the SC Energy Efficiency Fund has contributed to the implementation of approximately 50 energy efficiency projects globally, allowing to cut down on CO2 emissions by 10,000 tonnes.

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