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Ziacom Medical welcomes Suma Capital as a shareholder to boost growth

The industrial company Ziacom Medical, founded in 2004, has given Suma Capital a 40% stake in its shareholding, with the aim of supporting an ambitious expansion plan. Its founder and manager, Alejandro del Valle, will maintain the majority stake and will lead business growth from its headquarters in Pinto, Madrid.

The company is currently one of the leading manufacturers of dental medical technology in Spain, specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of dental implants and fixtures, biomaterials and surgical instruments.

Ziacom is known for its extensive product catalogue, which has earned it the trust of a broad and balanced portfolio of customers, efficiently supplying both small and large dental clinics. The group also has its own centre specialising in digital CAD-CAM technology.

In 2021, the company, which has been growing annually at a rate of over 15%, exceeded 11 million euros in turnover, with more than 1,000 customers and an international presence in 17 countries, including the US market, where Ziacom has its own headquarters and FDA approval.

This strong industry-leading growth has been achieved at modern facilities covering more than 4,000 m2, which opened in 2018, and thanks to an experienced and committed management team, led by Alejandro del Valle himself, who will continue to lead the day-to-day running of the business.

With the backing of Suma Capital, Ziacom‘s growth strategy will focus on three basic pillars: increasing market penetration in Spain, extending its leadership to other markets, mainly in Southern Europe, and launching new product families and services to build loyalty among current and future customers.

The company intends to invest heavily in R&D, recruit new talent and strengthen its sales network. Acquisitions of complementary companies, both nationally and internationally, are not ruled out by the company, as long as this allows it to accelerate the achievement of these objectives.

Ziacom will have the commitment of SC Growth Fund II, the expansion capital fund with a strong focus on ESG, managed by Suma Capital and endowed with €160 million, which seeks to support profitable Spanish companies, with majority and minority stakes, to accelerate their organic and inorganic growth plans.

Suma Capital has been advised by C&S, Pwc Strategy&, Grant Thornton, Fourlaw and ESG specialist Attalea Partners on the analysis of this investment. At a legal level, Suma Capital has been advised by Bufete Castilla, while the founder of Ziacom has been advised by Ortego&Cameno Abogados.

CEO and founder Alejandro del Valle has stated that “we believe Suma Capital is the support partner we need in this phase of international growth that we are accelerating, helping us to prioritise the strategic issues that are currently occupying the company”.

Ziacom‘s ambition and growth potential is undoubtedly something that attracted us from day one. We are convinced that our partnership and commitment will help the company continue to grow in an orderly, solid and profitable manner,” said Manuel Cebrián, Investment Director at Suma Capital.

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