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Suma Capital’s SCEEF II Fund quantifies its positive impact

Through our SC Efficiency & Environment Fund II, Suma Capital‘s aim is to have a positive social and environmental impact, which contributes significantly towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the 2030 Agenda by the United Nations.

In line with the investments we made through our Efficiency & Environment Fund I, which we launched in 2014 and completed in two and a half years, we have continued to place sustainability at the heart of our operations using this new instrument since its launch in 2017.

Under SCEEF II, we have remained committed to investing in projects focused on the development of sustainable infrastructures in the field of energy transition and the circular economy.

As a result of this commitment and coinciding with the celebration of the World Day for Reducing CO2 Emissions, we are pleased to be able to share some of the figures that allow us to highlight the positive impact that we have contributed and will continue doing so.

Throughout SCEEF II’s portfolio lifespan, we will have managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 7.9 million tonnes, as well as achieving a 20% increase in energy efficiency.

The sustainable infrastructure investments made will in turn prevent the consumption of 60 million gigajoules of primary energy from fossil fuels, and ensure that 10 cubic hectometres of water have not been eutrophicated as a result of uncontrolled waste dumping.

Moreover, we should not forget the 4,700 indirect jobs generated, the protection of protected species by promoting biodiversity, and the improvement in people’s life expectancy.

At Suma Capital, we are very proud to be part of projects where climate action criteria, the generation of affordable and non-polluting energy, the efficient use of waste or responsible production and consumption are a driving force and an inspiration to attain our belief in a better future.

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