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Installation of biomass boilers to supply thermal energy at a paper production plant owned by LC Paper in Besalú and at two hotels of the Barceló chain located in Isla Canela (Huelva) and Sancti Petri (Cádiz) in order to reduce their electricity consumption and carbon footprint.



Energy saving solution using biomass for hot water and heating.


The implementation of energy efficiency measures in buildings reduces energy consumption, controls costs for owners and users, mitigates the impact of rising energy prices and promotes less dependence on fossil fuels, reduced emissions and improved air quality, benefiting both owners/users and society.

How much

In terms of environmental impact, it has been estimated that the implementation of the three facilities will save 59,093 tonnes of CO2 emissions over their 10-year lifetime (i.e. 5,909 tonnes/year).

Core SDGs


The implementation of energy efficiency solutions significantly reduces emissions, but some solutions rely on fossil fuels and may be constrained in the future due to environmental regulations and taxes. The environmental benefits of electricity efficiency measures depend on the evolution of the electricity mix towards renewable sources.

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