Renewable energy (solar)

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Platform for the development and construction of small-scale solar photovoltaic installations (1-5 MW each). The platform designs, develops and builds the installations. Distributed generation allows power generation facilities to be located close to consumption, helping to decentralise the electricity grid and promoting a greener and more reliable system.



The company develops and builds small-scale solar PV plants to increase renewable energy capacity and contribute to climate change mitigation, ultimately reducing emissions from the energy sector.


The solar PV plants developed by the company reduce the grid dependency of the asset owner, lower energy supply costs and generate local employment opportunities, while positively impacting the environment by reducing air pollution and mitigating climate change.

How much

The company will complete the construction of solar plants with a total capacity of 30 MW and an estimated electricity generation of 57,000 MWh. The projects will reduce CO2 emissions by 5,900 tons.

Core SDGs


The pandemic affected global supply chains, including the supply of renewable technologies such as solar photovoltaic panels, which may delay the achievement of renewable energy and national decarbonisation targets if project timelines are not met.

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