Suma Capital joins Green Deal Commission led by Cercle d’Economia

Although the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals in the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda have laid the foundations for the necessary transformation of the current economic model, there are still many uncertainties about how to progress towards targets that have been identified as an absolute necessity for a sustainable future.

In line with the pledges they have endorsed, we must assume that there is no going back on the decarbonisation targets, but at the same time we know that the best way to achieve what has become a global priority is still being defined.

With this in mind, over the last few months Suma Capital has been collaborating with the Green Deal Commission’s working sessions. This is an initiative promoted by the Cercle d’Economia to address the urgent debate on the climate change crisis, which is emerging as the main challenge to ensure the future of urban and natural ecosystems, economic progress and cohesion.

The Green Deal Commission’s work has focused on the challenges and opportunities related to the ecological and energy transition, sustainable mobility, the circular economy and rehabilitation. All in all, it has addressed the entire industry that will be created in the coming years around a green, sustainable and ecological economy.

As a result of this work, the Cercle d’Economia has published the report ”Desafíos y oportunidades en la transición hacia un modelo socioeconómico sostenible” (“Challenges and opportunities in the transition to a sustainable socio-economic model), a set of recommendations to help ensure that decision-making at all levels, from global to local, is aligned with the opportunity we have to achieve real change through action.

Transparency, public-private collaboration and productivity will be key aspects which should drive the investments stimulated by the Next Generation EU funds and directed towards transformative projects that create high-quality jobs.

The investment needed for this transition to tackle decarbonisation commitments will need to be structured in a systemic approach that integrates multiple dimensions, variables and actions, and in which citizens, businesses, governments and multilateral organisations will all have to play their part.

At Suma Capital, we feel extremely honoured to have been able to be part of the Working Committee to contribute to this initiative, alongside representatives of leading companies such as Agbar, Endesa, Enagás, SEAT, RENFE, Sorigué and Colonial, as well as many other organisations and professionals.

They have all provided constructive ideas for a fair, rapid and effective energy transition, at a time when defining future scenarios will determine how we position ourselves as a country and as a society.


Download the report ”Desafíos y oportunidades en la transición hacia un modelo socioeconómico sostenible”

See the note published by the Cercle d’Economia

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