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Suma Capital strengthens its commitment to Germans Homs

Suma Capital has decided to expand its stake in Germans Homs, a construction machinery rental group based in Mataró Barcelona, by investing 1.6 million Euros, injecting new momentum a year after the company received its first contribution from Suma Capital for a value of 3.4 million Euros.

The objective is to strengthen Germans Homs permitting it to continue buying targets as it has been doing in recent months, as part of both organic growth and through inorganic acquisitions.

Germans Homs retains its objective to achieve a turnover of 15 million Euros by the end of the current year, a figure that implies an improvement of approximately 30% over revenues obtained in 2017, the year in which the company achieved its first major economic objective, exceeding 10 million, a figure that rose to 13 million in 2018.

The latest acquisition closure took place in April with the purchase of the Girona firm Llogater, with offices in Sant Julià de Ramis and Llers, adding 2 million to its annual income.

Germans Homs was founded in 2010 by Vicenç and Marc Homs, employs 140 people and has 10 offices throughout Catalonia in addition to its headquarters. Currently it is one of the main construction machinery, scaffolding, prefabricated modules, cleaning machinery and professional gardening equipment rental firms in Catalonia.

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