Suma Capital and Enagás Renovables receive the Award for the best renewable gas project for UNUE’s biomethane plant

The Association of Energy Engineers Spain Chapter (AEE) has awarded the Best Renewable Gas Project Award to Suma Capital and Enagás Renovables for UNUE‘s biomethane plant.

Enagás and Suma Capital signed an agreement in April 2019 whereby the two companies joined forces to jointly invest in biogas and biomethane development projects and contribute to the promotion of the circular economy.

The UNUE plant is located in the Villalonquéjar industrial area (Burgos), and the Burgos-based company Biogasnalia, a benchmark in waste management in Castilla y León belonging to the Ecoalia group, is in charge of biogas generation at the facility.

In September 2020, construction began on the upgrading plant that transforms biogas into biomethane. UNUE produces 20 GWh per year of biomethane that is injected into the gas system, equivalent to the consumption of more than 2,800 households, generating a positive environmental impact on waste management and an annual reduction in emissions of 4,500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

The UNUE plant entered commercial operation in September 2021, contributing to the generation of decarbonised and local energy, in line with the strategic objectives of the RePowerEU plan recently published by the European Commission. UNUE is the first private biomethane plant in Spain to connect to the distribution grid.

Left to right: Bill Kent, Executive Director at the Association of Energy Engineers; Luis Iglesias, Business Director at Enagás Renovables; Sergio Fernández, Investment Director at Suma Capital; and David Fernández, Manager – New Business Drive at Nedgia.

Enagás y Suma Capital firmaron en abril de 2019 un acuerdo por el que ambas compañías unieron sus fuerzas para invertir conjuntamente en proyectos de desarrollo de biogás y biometano, y contribuir al impulso de la economía circular.

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