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A Contracorriente Films is the leading independent film distribution company in Spain, which also has exhibition activities through its emblematic brand, Cines Verdi. The company has an extensive catalogue of more than 2,000 films and series that it distributes in cinemas, streaming platforms and television channels. With an outstanding presence in the film industry, A Contracorriente Films has become a benchmark for quality and variety in the independent film market in Spain.


A Contracorriente Films is the leading distributor of mostly independent films to a wide variety of channels, including its own A Contra+ platform.

A Contracorriente Films, the leading independent film distributor in Spain, contributes to SDG 9 by promoting the creation and distribution of high quality audiovisual content, as well as by creating its own online platform (Acontra+). In addition, through its Cines Verdi brand, it promotes access to art and culture in local communities, which is aligned with SDG 11. On the other hand, the company is also committed to gender equality and diversity, both in its employees and in the film industry, which has a positive impact on SDG 5. Finally, A Contracorriente Films focuses on the sustainability of its operations and works to minimise its environmental impact, demonstrating its commitment to SDG 12.


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