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Founded in 2008 after the merger of two emblematic companies in the sector, Gunni and Trentino, the company offers interior design services for the home (bathrooms, kitchens, living room and garden) ranging from design to distribution and subsequent assembly of materials.

The company stands out for its wide and exclusive range with more than 600,000 references, combining its own brand with prestigious international brands, which it distributes to end customers and companies (e.g. developers and hotels) through its flagship stores located in the centre of the main cities, which serve as showrooms to attract customers and professionals. They are currently present in Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella and Bilbao, and have offices in Doha and Bogotá to cover their international clients.


Gunni & Trentino’s unique positioning in the industry through flaghship stores that cover all areas of the home and customer typology, positions it as the benchmark in the national premium market.

Gunni & Trentino, a leader in the design, interior design and decoration of luxury homes, contributes to economic growth in the geographies where it operates, generating direct and indirect jobs and a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and collaborators, a relevant impact on SDG 8. The company offers its customers the most advanced and cutting-edge materials and designs to make their projects a reality, including natural materials and solutions to reduce environmental impact and integrate into the environment with a reduced impact, contributing positively to SDGs 11 and 12. Its position as a leader in the sector also allows it to collaborate with leading brands and designers, establishing alliances to offer the latest innovations and timeless designs to its extensive network of customers, impacting on SDG 17.

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