Turris – Chain of bakeries specialising in the production of gourmet bread


Retail bakeries

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2017 / 2022


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At a glance

Since its foundation in 2008, Turris has established itself as a leading chain in the production of premium artisan bread. With more than 25 of its own establishments and a bakery in each shop, Turris offers its customers freshly formed and baked products that stand out for their excellent taste and shelf life.

The brand uses a long fermentation period in its production process to guarantee the quality of its products and offers a wide range of more than 200 items including breads, sweet and savoury pastries and cakes.

Turris has developed an omnichannel strategy that allows its products to be sold both online and in physical shops. Thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation, Turris has become a benchmark in the premium bakery sector.


Turris aims to bring back the craft of the baker, the neighbourhood bakeries and the traditional bakeries to reach everyone with all their honesty.

The Turris bakery chain is strongly committed to the impact that its activity has on the preservation of artisanal bread production techniques and the role of bakeries in the neighbourhoods where it is present. In this sense, the company promotes the generation of local and diverse employment, as well as the continuous training of its workers in the trade, which not only contributes to the creation of decent jobs and the reduction of gender inequality, but also has a positive impact on SDGs 4, 5, 8 and 10. In addition, Turris encourages innovation in the production of bread and pastries, local production and the use of quality ingredients in its process, which contributes to more sustainable economic development and the promotion of local agri-food production, positively impacting SDG 9.


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