Ziacom Medical - Design, manufacture and marketing of implants, dental attachments and surgical instruments


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Ziacom is a leading Spanish company in the manufacture of medical technology for the dental sector at a national level, specialising in the design, manufacture and marketing of dental implants and attachments, biomaterials and surgical instruments. Since its creation in 2004, the company has stood out for offering a wide range of products, which has allowed it to have a balanced portfolio of more than 1,000 clients, including clinics, insurance companies, dental chains and independent professionals, whom it supplies efficiently. It also has its own prosthetic laboratory specialising in digital technology (CAD-CAM). With a presence in 17 countries, Ziacom has experienced solid annual sales growth at double-digit rates, outpacing industry growth. In 2018, it opened a state-of-the-art facility of over 4,000 m2 that reflects its commitment to innovation and technological development.


The continuous commitment to investment in R&D and rigour in the creation of new products is allowing Ziacom to develop in new complementary business niches in order to offer a more transversal service to its customers.

Ziacom, as a leading company in medical technology for dental health, has a direct impact on improving people’s health and well-being, a direct impact on SDG 3. In addition, its commitment to research, innovation and the development of new solutions and technologies for the sector contributes to SDG 9 and generates impacts throughout its value chain. Ziacom understands that continuous training and education of professionals is essential to ensure the success of treatments and the useful life of its products, as well as to identify opportunities for innovation, contributing to SDGs 4 and 12. Its expansion in the international market and the generation of quality and qualified employment contribute to bringing Ziacom’s products and services to more patients, providing solutions and generating an impact on SDG 5.

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