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Implika is a leading training company in Spain with more than 200 online and blended learning courses. These include vocational and non-formal training. Its unique training model guarantees internships in top companies and a job placement rate of close to 90%, which helps students acquire valuable skills and prepare them for the world of work. With this training proposal, Implika has become a reference in the sector, offering a wide variety of programmes adapted to the needs of students.


Vocational training is a fundamental tool for the development and social and economic promotion of people. Implika, as a leader in vocational training in Spain, contributes significantly with its educational model of formal and non-formal training to the achievement of SDGs 4, 5 and 10, providing vocational, practical and quality training, while promoting gender equality, reducing inequalities and empowering women. Implika, through its flexible and personalised training model, is making a significant contribution to society and the country’s economy, preparing its students for a prosperous future full of opportunities.

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Design, manufacture and marketing of implants, dental attachments and surgical instruments

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Rental of machinery for the construction, industry and event sector

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Manufacturer, designer and marketer of traditional and electric bicycles

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Leading manufacturer of aluminium bottles and aerosols

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