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Grupo GO is a Spanish company pioneer in the representation of digital talent in social media, founded in 2015. Its unique business model consists of connecting talent with brands, while providing them with support in campaign planning, digital marketing strategies and content production. Thanks to this comprehensive service, brands can enjoy successful, high quality campaigns. The GO Group currently works with more than 500 clients a year, mostly multinationals in the fashion, beauty and consumer goods sectors.



GO Group connects talents with big brands that want to carry out digital media marketing campaigns. They offer a comprehensive service that includes digital consultancy (GO Digital), talent selection (GO Talents) and content production (GO Productions).

GO Group generates a significant impact on SDGs 5 and 8, thanks to a business model focused on the use of digital media to connect digital talent with brands, and generate new sources of economic growth based on the new communication capabilities offered by new media and audiences. The company, among other things, provides career and positioning advice to its talents, increasing opportunities for diverse talents, fostering inclusion and equity. The GO Group also works with all types of brands and sectors, and especially works to generate a positive impact on SDGs 11 and 12, by running campaigns with brands that seek to promote sustainable impact and encourage responsible production and consumption in the fashion, beauty, tourism and consumer sectors.


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