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Berria Bikes is a Spanish manufacturer of high-end bicycles, founded by two brothers who are former professional cyclists. The company stands out for its innovative design of mountain and road bikes, which it distributes through a network of 400 specialised points of sale in 30 countries, including Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium and Germany. With a 3,000m2 industrial plant in Villarrobledo (Albacete), Berria fully controls the manufacture of its products, and has a production capacity of more than 20,000 bicycles per year. The company focuses on the manufacture of high quality bicycles and innovation, and is committed to the promotion of cycling as a sporting activity and a sustainable method of transport.


Berria aims to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance bicycles in Europe, promoting cycling as a sporting activity and an environmentally responsible transport alternative.

Berria Bikes is committed to innovation, design and customisation in the manufacture of high-end bicycles, through a team of collaborators with extensive experience in the sector, high qualifications, commitment to the territory, collaborating with its entire value chain to generate impacts on SDGs 9 and 17. In addition, the integration of the use of bicycles in the areas of leisure, competition and environmentally responsible mobility has a substantial impact on SDGs 11 and 13. The company also promotes cycling as a sporting activity for all levels and terrains, which in turn generates secondary impacts on SDG 3.

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