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Homs Rentals has established itself as the leading company in machinery rental for the construction sector, industry and events. Its extensive fleet of more than 5,000 assets, which includes light and heavy machinery, scaffolding and modules, is available for daily rental by more than 4,000 customers through its 14 sales offices located in Catalonia, as well as its 100% transactional web platform.



Homs Rentals is the benchmark in machinery rental for the construction, industry and events sector that encourages pay-per-use and promotes the use of sustainable assets to reduce pollution in cities.

Suma Capital’s entry into Homs Rentals not only seeks to support its growth and acquisition plan, but also to drive its innovations for a sustainable transformation of the sector. Homs Rentals is a benchmark in the rental of machinery for the construction, industry and events sector, and bases its value creation strategy on digitalisation, pay-per-use, circularity and electrification to reduce the environmental impact in cities. Its value proposition contributes substantially to SDGs 9, 11 and 12. Its business model provides service to key sectors for economic growth, but at the same time reduces their environmental impact and promotes their decarbonisation with the incorporation of innovative machinery and solutions in its catalogue, hand in hand with benchmark suppliers and manufacturers, and contributes to SDGs 8, 13 and 16.

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