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Founded in 2013, Atrapamuebles is an online retailer specialising in the design, distribution and sale to end customers of a wide range of first-price furniture through its own website. The Company, with a presence throughout Spain, currently has 8 product families, including living room, bedroom, youth and bedroom furniture. The company has gradually expanded its range of products, starting with just a few references to its current catalogue of more than 500 SKUs. Atrapamuebles has four warehouses located in La Muela, Zaragoza, with more than 6,000m² of infrastructure where it centralises all its technical, commercial and administrative activity. After a decade operating in the sector, the company has managed to build a solid customer base of more than 6m clients, delivering more than 50,000 orders per year. Atrapamuebles uses technology to have a logistics system that allows it to optimise warehouse stock levels and have a high turnover.


The meticulous selection of the products marketed on its website has allowed Atrapamuebles to offer a better value for money that puts it ahead of its competitors. 

Atrapamuebles seeks to foster innovation, technology and infrastructure for economic growth and social well-being by offering furniture solutions in the premium price range through its online sales channel, contributing to SDG 9. In addition, it has positive impact on SDGs 8, 11 and 12 by working with its supply chain to design its products, expanding into new families covering undersupplied segments, optimising the logistics chain and continuously improving its operations.

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