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NPAW is a technology company specialising in video analytics. Its NPAW Suite platform, available in SaaS (Software as a Service) format, allows its more than 150 customers (mainly TV channels, broadcasters and telephone companies) to analyse in real time a wide variety of usage and quality indicators of the service offered, such as network performance, video quality, user experience and viewing behaviour. This information is invaluable for improving strategic decision making and customer loyalty.


In today’s society more and more content is consumed in video format and NPAW’s SaaS allows us to analyse precisely the quality of service offered by the multinationals in the sector.

Innovation and technology are key enablers for the achievement of the SDGs, and NPAW’s activities are an example of this. As a company specialising in video analytics, its platform developments help to improve the efficiency and quality of services of media and telecommunications companies, contributing to SDG 9. In addition, its use of highly skilled technical profiles and its expansion and growth plan ensure a substantial contribution to SDG 8, as well as the promotion of more sustainable practices in content production and distribution contribute to SDG 13, reducing the carbon footprint of the digital media industry.

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