Alianza Mengual Group - Leaders in the distribution of wood fittings in Spain


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Alianza Mengual Group is the Spanish market leader in the distribution and marketing of hardware material specialising in wood fittings. With more than 18,000 product references and 250 suppliers of the main brands in the sector, Mengual stands out for its extensive catalogue, online channel and quality advice service for its more than 9,000 customers in carpentry, architecture, construction and interior design.


Alianza Mengual Group: leader in wood fittings in Spain with a wide range of products and quality service for professionals in carpentry, architecture, construction and interior design.

Suma Capital’s investment in Alianza Mengual Group seeks not only to support its growth and consolidation strategy in a highly fragmented sector, but also to generate a positive impact through innovation and digitalisation of the sector, contributing to SDG 9. With its differential focus on the professionalisation of the hardware sector, the training of new profiles and the improvement of efficiency in the supply chain, Mengual contributes to fostering economic growth in the sector, impacting SDGs 4, 11 and 12. Finally, its commitment to quality, the search for innovation and expert customer service, generates positive impacts on the work of professionals in the sector, who find in Mengual their greatest partner and ally.

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