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Tradeinn is the leading network of online shops specialising in the sale of sports equipment in Spain and the second largest in Europe. The company manages more than 700,000 references from 4,000 top brand suppliers through its verticals specialised in different sports. The company is also present in more than 190 countries, covering the different markets with 20 languages on its website. Tradeinn has generated a differentiated business model based on the use of advanced technologies to optimise sales, purchasing and logistics.


The use of new technologies has allowed Tradeinn to become a reference e-commerce at a sports level, offering a wide catalogue of references at a competitive price and expanding to become a reference player at a global level.

Tradeinn, as a leading company in the sale of sports equipment online, generates a positive impact on SDGs 8 and 9, promoting sustainable economic growth, the generation of quality employment and technological innovation. It has created a differential business model thanks to the use of advanced technologies in its sales, purchasing and logistics processes, and to the wide range of specialised material on offer. In addition, it has diversified its activities towards new verticals, which has allowed for greater expansion and consolidation in the global market. On the other hand, Tradeinn also generates impacts on SDGs 12 and 13, promoting sustainability and care for the environment through measures such as the optimisation of logistics processes to reduce CO2 emissions or the use of sustainable materials in its products.

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