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Platform to develop biomethane projects in Spain and other European countries. Biomethane Initiatives is a joint venture between Suma Capital and Soluciones Industriales y Tratamientos Medioambientales (SITRA), a leading Spanish company in the development, construction and operation of waste management projects.



The main advantages of biogas are its potential to decarbonise demand, which is often linked to thermal uses in industry and is difficult to decarbonise with other renewable sources.

In addition, the production and use of biogas promotes the transition to a more circular economy through the management and utilisation of organic waste.


The beneficiaries of the results are society and the environment in general, as the substitution of fossil fuels contributes to improving air quality and the general state of the environment, as well as mitigating climate change.

How much

Reducing GHG emissions, reducing dependence on traditional fossil fuels, decarbonising sectors that are difficult to electrify, fostering rural employment and promoting the circular economy.

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The management of the waste required for biogas production may compromise the viability of the projects, while the lack of adequate natural gas infrastructures could reduce the interest of industrial consumers in sourcing renewable gas.

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