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Slurry treatment plant with high-efficiency cogeneration in Miralcamp (Lleida). The plant has an installed capacity of 15.5 MW and processes 70,000 tonnes of slurry per year. It uses the biogas produced in its own anaerobic digestion plant to cogenerate 115 GWh/year of electricity. It also generates thermal energy to treat the slurry and transform it into dry fertiliser.



The project is a slurry treatment plant that integrates a heat and power cogeneration system, generating electricity and heat from the biogas generated by the biomethanisation of slurry. The project represents a significant energy saving, a reduction in CO2 emissions and a controlled treatment of the waste with neutralisation of its pollutant content, avoiding negative effects on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.


The pig slurry treatment plant with cogeneration generates benefits for local communities by reducing negative environmental impacts and providing organic fertiliser to local farmers, while reducing the region’s dependence on fossil fuels. The use of biogas also reduces negative climate effects.

How much

The slurry treated at the facility amounted to more than 70,000 tonnes, which produced approximately 2,600 tonnes of compost. The biogas produced and consumed amounted to 7.7 GWh. The useful life of the project considered in the calculations is equal to 16 years. 0.47 million tonnes of CO2e emissions are avoided.

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The most significant risk based on current energy trends is the uncertainty of natural gas costs, which could affect the viability of the facility. Other risks identified are related to regulatory changes on operational permit levels for biogas, wastewater and air emissions.


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