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Anoltri Invest is the holding company of Gestcompost, a leading company in the treatment and recovery of non-hazardous organic waste of different types through 4 business lines: i) composting; ii) animal by-products not intended for human consumption (sandach); iii) intermediation; and iv) sale of energy (biomethanisation through anaerobic digestion). Since its foundation, the company has experienced significant growth and is committed to the circular economy, transforming waste into resources and avoiding landfill. Its first plant in Pina de Ebro treats more than 400kT of waste per year. The second plant in Belinchón, which started operating in 2023, has the capacity to treat 700,000 tonnes of waste per year.



The company treats sewage sludge from various industries to produce compost and non-fossil electricity from biogas, reducing CO2 emissions and avoiding landfills. This process increases efficiency, reduces dependence on fossil fuels and promotes circularity and proximity of organic fertilisers.


A number of industrial activities benefit from the process, with part of their waste flows being used to produce valuable resources that can be used for other industries. In addition, the project benefits the environment and society, with effects including the reduction of air pollution and the avoidance of the adverse effects of climate change. Reducing dependence on fossil fuels also translates into additional social benefits.

How much

It is estimated that in five years, 500,000 tonnes/year of waste will be treated and some 75,000 tonnes/year of compost and 40,600 kWh/year of electricity from renewable sources will be generated. Anoltri reduces 60,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Core SDGs


The risks for Anoltri Invest’s project involve a decrease in industrial activity, which would reduce the production of sewage sludge and affect the company’s capacity to generate compost and biogas, which could have an impact on its operation and profitability.

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